Provides a resource for accepting VPC peering requests to Heroku Private Spaces.

Example Usage

# Fetch the peering information for the Heroku Private Space.
data "heroku_space_peering_info" "peer_space" {
  name = "my-fancy-space"

# Initiate the request.
resource "aws_vpc_peering_connection" "request" {
  peer_owner_id = "${data.heroku_space_peering_info.peer_space.aws_account_id}"
  peer_vpc_id   = "${data.heroku_space_peering_info.peer_space.vpc_id}"
  vpc_id        = "${aws_vpc.main.id}"

# Accept the request.
resource "heroku_space_peering_connection_accepter" "accept" {
  space                     = "${heroku_space.peer_space.name}"
  vpc_peering_connection_id = "${aws_vpc_peering_connection.request.id}"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • status - The status of the peering connection request.
  • type - The type of the peering connection.