Provides a LogicMonitor collector resource. This can be used to create and manage LogicMonitor collectors.

Note: This resource will only create the collector device in your account. See Downloading a Collector Installer for information on how to download and install an existing collector.

Example Usage

# Create a new LogicMonitor collector
resource "logicmonitor_collector" "collector1" {
  description     = "my terraformed collector"
  enable_failback = true

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • backup_collector_id - (Optional) The Id of the failover Collector configured for this Collector
  • collector_group_id - (Optional) The Id of the group the Collector is in
  • description - (Optional) The Collector's description
  • enable_failback - (Optional) Whether or not automatic failback is enabled for the Collector
  • enable_collector_device_failover - (Optional) Whether or not the device the Collector is installed on is enabled for fail over
  • escalation_chain_id - (Optional) The Id of the escalation chain associated with this Collector
  • resend_interval - (Optional) The interval, in minutes, after which alert notifications for the Collector will be resent
  • suppress_alert_clear - (Optional) Whether alert clear notifications are suppressed for the Collector

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