Use this data source to access the configuration of an Image List Entry.

Example Usage

data "opc_compute_image_list_entry" "foo" {
  image_list = "my_image_list"
  version = "version_of_my_list"

output "machine_images" {
  value = "${data.opc_compute_image_list_entry.foo.machine_images}"

output "single_image" {
  value = "${data.opc_compute_image_list_entry.foo.machine_images[1]}"

Argument Reference

  • image_list - (Required) - The name of the image list to lookup.
  • version - (Required) - The version (integer) of the Image List to use.
  • entry - (Optional) - Which machine image to use. See Entry below for more details


The entry argument is fully optional when configuring the Data Source. If specified, however, the returned array of machine images will have a length of 1, and only contain the desired image.

Thus, if "my_image_list" is an image list that contains the following images:

["image1", "image2", "image3", "image4", "image5"]

Then specifing an entry of 3, the returned machine_images array will have a sigle element: "image3". If entry was omitted, or set to 0, the returned machine_images array will contain all of the images for that image list version.

If the supplied entry value is invalid for the image list, Terraform will exit with an error, that the desired image list entry was not found.

Attributes Reference

  • dns - Array of DNS servers for the interface.
  • attributes - JSON object of all of the image list's attributes
  • machine_images - An array of machine images as strings
  • uri - The URI of the image list

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