Use this data source to access the configuration of an instance's network interface

Example Usage

data "opc_compute_network_interface" "foo" {
  instance_id   = "${opc_compute_instance.my_instance.id}"
  instance_name = "${opc_compute_instance.my_instance.name}"
  interface     = "eth0"

output "mac_address" {
  value = "${data.opc_compute_network_interface.foo.mac_address}"

output "vnic" {
  value = "${data.opc_compute_network_interface.foo.vnic}"

Argument Reference

Attributes Reference

  • dns - Array of DNS servers for the interface.
  • ip_address - IP Address assigned to the interface.
  • ip_network - The IP Network assigned to the interface.
  • is_default_gateway - Whether or not the the interface is the default gateway.
  • mac_address - The MAC address of the interface.
  • model - The model of the NIC card used.
  • name_servers - Array of name servers for the interface.
  • nat - The IP Reservation (in IP Networks) associated with the interface.
  • search_domains - The search domains that are sent through DHCP as option 119.
  • sec_lists - The security lists the interface is added to.
  • shared_network - Whether or not the interface is inside the Shared Network or an IP Network.
  • vnic - The name of the vNIC created for the IP Network.
  • vnic_sets - The array of vNIC Sets the interface was added to.

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