Manages a V2 Image resource within OpenTelekomCloud Glance.

Example Usage

resource "opentelekomcloud_images_image_v2" "rancheros" {
  name   = "RancherOS"
  image_source_url = "https://releases.rancher.com/os/latest/rancheros-openstack.img"
  container_format = "bare"
  disk_format = "qcow2"
  tags = ["foo.bar", "tag.value"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • container_format - (Required) The container format. Must be one of "ami", "ari", "aki", "bare", "ovf".

  • disk_format - (Required) The disk format. Must be one of "ami", "ari", "aki", "vhd", "vmdk", "raw", "qcow2", "vdi", "iso".

  • local_file_path - (Optional) This is the filepath of the raw image file that will be uploaded to Glance. Conflicts with image_source_url.

  • image_cache_path - (Optional) This is the directory where the images will be downloaded. Images will be stored with a filename corresponding to the url's md5 hash. Defaults to "$HOME/.terraform/image_cache"

  • image_source_url - (Optional) This is the url of the raw image that will be downloaded in the image_cache_path before being uploaded to Glance. Glance is able to download image from internet but the gophercloud library does not yet provide a way to do so. Conflicts with local_file_path.

  • min_disk_gb - (Optional) Amount of disk space (in GB) required to boot image. Defaults to 0.

  • min_ram_mb - (Optional) Amount of ram (in MB) required to boot image. Defauts to 0.

  • name - (Required) The name of the image.

  • protected - (Optional) If true, image will not be deletable. Defaults to false.

  • region - (Optional) The region in which to obtain the V2 Glance client. A Glance client is needed to create an Image that can be used with a compute instance. If omitted, the region argument of the provider is used. Changing this creates a new Image.

  • tags - (Optional) The tags of the image. It must be a list of strings. At this time, it is not possible to delete all tags of an image.

  • visibility - (Optional) The visibility of the image. Must be one of "public", "private", "community", or "shared". The ability to set the visibility depends upon the configuration of the OpenTelekomCloud cloud.

Note: The properties attribute handling in the gophercloud library is currently buggy and needs to be fixed before being implemented in this resource.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • checksum - The checksum of the data associated with the image.
  • container_format - See Argument Reference above.
  • created_at - The date the image was created.
  • disk_format - See Argument Reference above.
  • file - the trailing path after the glance endpoint that represent the location of the image or the path to retrieve it.
  • id - A unique ID assigned by Glance.
  • metadata - The metadata associated with the image. Image metadata allow for meaningfully define the image properties and tags. See http://docs.openstack.org/developer/glance/metadefs-concepts.html.
  • min_disk_gb - See Argument Reference above.
  • min_ram_mb - See Argument Reference above.
  • name - See Argument Reference above.
  • owner - The id of the opentelekomcloud user who owns the image.
  • protected - See Argument Reference above.
  • region - See Argument Reference above.
  • schema - The path to the JSON-schema that represent the image or image
  • size_bytes - The size in bytes of the data associated with the image.
  • status - The status of the image. It can be "queued", "active" or "saving".
  • tags - See Argument Reference above.
  • update_at - The date the image was last updated.
  • visibility - See Argument Reference above.


Images can be imported using the id, e.g.

$ terraform import opentelekomcloud_images_image_v2.rancheros 89c60255-9bd6-460c-822a-e2b959ede9d2

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