Manages users and list users and groups associated with that user.

Example Usage

resource "profitbricks_user" "user" {
  first_name = "terraform"
  last_name = "test"
  email = "%s"
  password = "abc123-321CBA"
  administrator = false
  force_sec_auth= false

Argument reference

  • administrator - (Required)[Boolean] The group has permission to edit privileges on this resource.
  • email - (Required)[string] An e-mail address for the user.
  • first_name - (Required)[string] A first name for the user.
  • force_sec_auth - (Required)[Boolean] Indicates if secure (two-factor) authentication should be enabled for the user (true) or not (false).
  • last_name - (Required)[string] A last name for the user.
  • password - (Required)[string] A password for the user.

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