Provides a resource to create a user in an Okta auth backend within Vault.

Example Usage

resource "vault_okta_auth_backend" "example" {
    path = "user_okta"
    organization = "dummy"

resource "vault_okta_auth_backend_user" "foo" {
    path = "${vault_okta_auth_backend.example.path}"
    username = "foo"
    groups = ["one", "two"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • path - (Required) The path where the Okta auth backend is mounted

  • username - (Required Optional) Name of the user within Okta

  • groups - (Optional) List of Okta groups to associate with this user

  • policies - (Optional) List of Vault policies to associate with this user

Attributes Reference

No additional attributes are exposed by this resource.

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