Command: vagrant rdp

This will start an RDP client for a remote desktop session with the guest. This only works for Vagrant environments that support remote desktop, which is typically only Windows.

Raw Arguments

You can pass raw arguments through to your RDP client on the command-line by appending it after a --. Vagrant just passes these through. For example:

$ vagrant rdp -- /span

The above command on Windows will execute mstsc.exe /span config.rdp, allowing your RDP to span multiple desktops.

On Darwin hosts, such as Mac OS X, the additional arguments are added to the generated RDP configuration file. Since these files can contain multiple options with different spacing, you must quote multiple arguments. For example:

$ vagrant rdp -- "screen mode id:i:0" "other config:s:value"

Note that as of the publishing of this guide, the Microsoft RDP Client for Mac does not perform validation on the configuration file. This means if you specify an invalid configuration option or make a typographical error, the client will silently ignore the error and continue!

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