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Package system.base
Inheritance interface IFilter
Subclasses CAccessControlFilter, CContentDecorator, CFilter, CFilterWidget, CHtmlPurifier, CHttpCacheFilter, CInlineFilter, CMarkdown, COutputCache, COutputProcessor, CTextHighlighter
Since 1.0
Source Code framework/base/interfaces.php
IFilter is the interface that must be implemented by action filters.

Public Methods

Method Description Defined By
filter() Performs the filtering. IFilter

Method Details

filter() method

abstract public void filter(CFilterChain $filterChain)
$filterChain CFilterChain the filter chain that the filter is on.
Source Code: framework/base/interfaces.php#163 (show)
public function filter($filterChain);

Performs the filtering. This method should be implemented to perform actual filtering. If the filter wants to continue the action execution, it should call $filterChain->run().

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