class final

class DebugNode {
  listeners: DebugEventListener[]
  parent: DebugElement | null
  nativeNode: any
  injector: Injector
  componentInstance: any
  context: any
  references: {...}
  providerTokens: any[]



Property Description
listeners: DebugEventListener[] Read-Only

The callbacks attached to the component's @Output properties and/or the element's event properties.

parent: DebugElement | null Read-Only

The DebugElement parent. Will be null if this is the root element.

nativeNode: any Read-Only

The underlying DOM node.

injector: Injector Read-Only

The host dependency injector. For example, the root element's component instance injector.

componentInstance: any Read-Only

The element's own component instance, if it has one.

context: any Read-Only

An object that provides parent context for this element. Often an ancestor component instance that governs this element.

When an element is repeated within ngFor, the context is an NgForOf whose $implicit property is the value of the row instance value. For example, the hero in `ngFor="let hero of heroes"`.

references: { [key: string]: any; } Read-Only

Dictionary of objects associated with template local variables (e.g. #foo), keyed by the local variable name.

providerTokens: any[] Read-Only

This component's injector lookup tokens. Includes the component itself plus the tokens that the component lists in its providers metadata.

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