Represents an embedded template that can be used to instantiate embedded views. To instantiate embedded views based on a template, use the ViewContainerRef method createEmbeddedView().

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abstract class TemplateRef<C> {
  abstract elementRef: ElementRef
  abstract createEmbeddedView(context: C, injector?: Injector): EmbeddedViewRef<C>

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Access a TemplateRef instance by placing a directive on an <ng-template> element (or directive prefixed with *). The TemplateRef for the embedded view is injected into the constructor of the directive, using the TemplateRef token.

You can also use a Query to find a TemplateRef associated with a component or a directive.


Property Description
abstract elementRef: ElementRef Read-Only

The anchor element in the parent view for this embedded view.

The data-binding and injection contexts of embedded views created from this TemplateRef inherit from the contexts of this location.

Typically new embedded views are attached to the view container of this location, but in advanced use-cases, the view can be attached to a different container while keeping the data-binding and injection context from the original location.


Instantiates an unattached embedded view based on this template.

abstract createEmbeddedView(context: C, injector?: Injector): EmbeddedViewRef<C>

context C

The data-binding context of the embedded view, as declared in the <ng-template> usage.

injector Injector

Injector to be used within the embedded view.

Optional. Default is undefined.


EmbeddedViewRef<C>: The new embedded view object.

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