A base class for directives that contain multiple registered instances of NgControl. Only used by the forms module.

abstract class ControlContainer extends AbstractControlDirective {
  name: string | number | null
  formDirective: Form | null
  path: string[] | null

  // inherited from forms/AbstractControlDirective
  abstract control: AbstractControl | null
  value: any
  valid: boolean | null
  invalid: boolean | null
  pending: boolean | null
  disabled: boolean | null
  enabled: boolean | null
  errors: ValidationErrors | null
  pristine: boolean | null
  dirty: boolean | null
  touched: boolean | null
  status: string | null
  untouched: boolean | null
  statusChanges: Observable<any> | null
  valueChanges: Observable<any> | null
  path: string[] | null
  validator: ValidatorFn | null
  asyncValidator: AsyncValidatorFn | null
  reset(value: any = undefined): void
  hasError(errorCode: string, path?: string | (string | number)[]): boolean
  getError(errorCode: string, path?: string | (string | number)[]): any


Property Description
name: string | number | null

The name for the control

formDirective: Form | null Read-Only

The top-level form directive for the control.

path: string[] | null Read-Only

The path to this group.

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