Load translations for use by $localize, if doing runtime translation.

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loadTranslations(translations: Record<string, string>)

translations Record<string, string>

A map from message ID to translated message.

These messages are processed and added to a lookup based on their MessageId.

See also

  • clearTranslations

    for removing translations loaded using this function.

  • $localize

    for tagging messages as needing to be translated.


If the $localize tagged strings are not going to be replaced at compiled time, it is possible to load a set of translations that will be applied to the $localize tagged strings at runtime, in the browser.

Loading a new translation will overwrite a previous translation if it has the same MessageId.

Note that $localize messages are only processed once, when the tagged string is first encountered, and does not provide dynamic language changing without refreshing the browser. Loading new translations later in the application life-cycle will not change the translated text of messages that have already been translated.

The message IDs and translations are in the same format as that rendered to "simple JSON" translation files when extracting messages. In particular, placeholders in messages are rendered using the {$PLACEHOLDER_NAME} syntax. For example the message from the following template:

<div i18n>pre<span>inner-pre<b>bold</b>inner-post</span>post</div>

would have the following form in the translations map:


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