A policy for when to run guards and resolvers on a route.

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type RunGuardsAndResolvers = 'pathParamsChange' | 'pathParamsOrQueryParamsChange' | 'paramsChange' | 'paramsOrQueryParamsChange' | 'always' | ((from: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, to: ActivatedRouteSnapshot) => boolean);

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Guards and/or resolvers will always run when a route is activated or deactivated. When a route is unchanged, the default behavior is the same as paramsChange.

paramsChange : Rerun the guards and resolvers when path or path param changes. This does not include query parameters. This option is the default.

  • always : Run on every execution.
  • pathParamsChange : Rerun guards and resolvers when the path params change. This does not compare matrix or query parameters.
  • paramsOrQueryParamsChange : Run when path, matrix, or query parameters change.
  • pathParamsOrQueryParamsChange : Rerun guards and resolvers when the path params change or query params have changed. This does not include matrix parameters.

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