/Ansible 2.10

Plugin Index

These are the plugins in the ansible.posix collection

Callback Plugins

  • cgroup_perf_recap – Profiles system activity of tasks and full execution using cgroups
  • debug – formatted stdout/stderr display
  • json – Ansible screen output as JSON
  • profile_roles – adds timing information to roles
  • profile_tasks – adds time information to tasks
  • skippy – Ansible screen output that ignores skipped status
  • timer – Adds time to play stats


  • acl – Set and retrieve file ACL information.
  • at – Schedule the execution of a command or script file via the at command
  • authorized_key – Adds or removes an SSH authorized key
  • firewalld – Manage arbitrary ports/services with firewalld
  • mount – Control active and configured mount points
  • patch – Apply patch files using the GNU patch tool
  • seboolean – Toggles SELinux booleans
  • selinux – Change policy and state of SELinux
  • synchronize – A wrapper around rsync to make common tasks in your playbooks quick and easy
  • sysctl – Manage entries in sysctl.conf.

Shell Plugins

  • csh – C shell (/bin/csh)
  • fish – fish shell (/bin/fish)

See also

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