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Platform Options

Some Ansible Network platforms support multiple connection types, privilege escalation (enable mode), or other options. The pages in this section offer standardized guides to understanding available options on each network platform. We welcome contributions from community-maintained platforms to this section.

Platform Options

Settings by Platform

ansible_connection: settings available
Network OS ansible_network_os: network_cli netconf httpapi local
Arista EOS [†] eos
Cisco ASA asa
Cisco IOS [†] ios
Cisco IOS XR [†] iosxr
Cisco NX-OS [†] nxos
Dell OS6 dellos6
Dell OS9 dellos9
Dell OS10 dellos10
Ericsson ECCLI eric_eccli
Extreme EXOS exos
Extreme IronWare ironware
Extreme NOS nos
Extreme SLX-OS slxos
Extreme VOSS voss
Junos OS [†] junos
Lenovo CNOS cnos
Lenovo ENOS enos
Meraki meraki
MikroTik RouterOS routeros
Nokia SR OS sros
Pluribus Netvisor netvisor
Ruckus ICX [†] icx
VyOS [†] vyos
OS that supports Netconf [†] <network-os>

[†] Maintained by Ansible Network Team

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