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Cliconf Plugins

Cliconf plugins are abstractions over the CLI interface to network devices. They provide a standard interface for Ansible to execute tasks on those network devices.

These plugins generally correspond one-to-one to network device platforms. The appropriate cliconf plugin will thus be automatically loaded based on the ansible_network_os variable.

Adding cliconf plugins

You can extend Ansible to support other network devices by dropping a custom plugin into the cliconf_plugins directory.

Using cliconf plugins

The cliconf plugin to use is determined automatically from the ansible_network_os variable. There should be no reason to override this functionality.

Most cliconf plugins can operate without configuration. A few have additional options that can be set to impact how tasks are translated into CLI commands.

Plugins are self-documenting. Each plugin should document its configuration options.

Plugin list

You can use ansible-doc -t cliconf -l to see the list of available plugins. Use ansible-doc -t cliconf <plugin name> to see detailed documentation and examples.

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