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Module Maintenance & Support


To clarify who maintains each included module, adding features and fixing bugs, each included module now has associated metadata that provides information about maintenance.


Core Maintained modules are maintained by the Ansible Engineering Team. These modules are integral to the basic foundations of the Ansible distribution.


Network Maintained modules are are maintained by the Ansible Network Team. Please note there are additional networking modules that are categorized as Certified or Community not maintained by Ansible.


Certified modules are maintained by Ansible Partners.


Community Maintained modules are submitted and maintained by the Ansible community. These modules are not maintained by Ansible, and are included as a convenience.

Issue Reporting

If you believe you have found a bug in a module and are already running the latest stable or development version of Ansible, first look at the issue tracker in the Ansible repo to see if an issue has already been filed. If not, please file one.

Should you have a question rather than a bug report, inquiries are welcome on the ansible-project Google group or on Ansible’s “#ansible” channel, located on irc.freenode.net.

For development-oriented topics, use the ansible-devel Google group or Ansible’s #ansible and #ansible-devel channels, located on irc.freenode.net. You should also read the Community Guide, Testing Ansible, and the Developer Guide.

The modules are hosted on GitHub in a subdirectory of the Ansible repo.

NOTE: If you have a Red Hat Ansible Automation product subscription, please follow the standard issue reporting process via the Red Hat Customer Portal.


For more information on how included Ansible modules are supported by Red Hat, please refer to the following knowledge base article as well as other resources on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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