Program support utilities

Program termination

The following functions manage program termination and resources cleanup.

Defined in header <stdlib.h>
causes abnormal program termination (without cleaning up)
causes normal program termination with cleaning up
causes normal program termination without completely cleaning up
causes normal program termination without cleaning up
registers a function to be called on exit() invocation
registers a function to be called on quick_exit invocation
indicates program execution execution status
(macro constant)

Unreachable control flow

Defined in header <stddef.h>
marks unreachable point of execution
(function macro)

Communicating with the environment

Defined in header <stdlib.h>
calls the host environment's command processor
access to the list of environment variables


Several functions and macro constants for signal management are provided.

Defined in header <signal.h>
sets a signal handler for particular signal
runs the signal handler for particular signal
the integer type that can be accessed as an atomic entity from an asynchronous signal handler
defines signal handling strategies
(macro constant)
error was encountered
(macro constant)
Signal types
defines signal types
(macro constant)

Non-local jumps

Defined in header <setjmp.h>
saves the context
(function macro)
jumps to specified location
execution context type


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    • 7.31.7 Signal handling <signal.h> (p: 332)
    • 7.31.12 General utilities <stdlib.h> (p: 333)
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    • 7.31.12 General utilities <stdlib.h> (p: 456)
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    • 7.13.7 General utilities <stdlib.h>

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