/CakePHP 4.1

Namespace Cake\Collection\Iterator

Classes summary

  • StoppableIterator

    Creates an iterator from another iterator that will verify a condition on each step. If the condition evaluates to false, the iterator will not yield more results.

  • ZipIterator

    Creates an iterator that returns elements grouped in pairs

  • NoChildrenIterator

    An iterator that can be used as an argument for other iterators that require a RecursiveIterator but do not want children. This iterator will always behave as having no nested items.

  • BufferedIterator

    Creates an iterator from another iterator that will keep the results of the inner iterator in memory, so that results don't have to be re-calculated.

  • FilterIterator

    Creates a filtered iterator from another iterator. The filtering is done by passing a callback function to each of the elements and taking them out if it does not return true.

  • UnfoldIterator

    An iterator that can be used to generate nested iterators out of a collection of items by applying an function to each of the elements in this iterator.

  • ExtractIterator

    Creates an iterator from another iterator that extract the requested column or property based on a path

  • TreeIterator

    A Recursive iterator used to flatten nested structures and also exposes all Collection methods

  • NestIterator

    A type of collection that is aware of nested items and exposes methods to check or retrieve them

  • ReplaceIterator

    Creates an iterator from another iterator that will modify each of the values by converting them using a callback function.

  • InsertIterator

    This iterator will insert values into a property of each of the records returned.

  • MapReduce

    Implements a simplistic version of the popular Map-Reduce algorithm. Acts like an iterator for the original passed data after each result has been processed, thus offering a transparent wrapper for results coming from any source.

  • TreePrinter

    Iterator for flattening elements in a tree structure while adding some visual markers for their relative position in the tree

  • SortIterator

    An iterator that will return the passed items in order. The order is given by the value returned in a callback function that maps each of the elements.

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