Defined in header <chrono>
struct tzdb;
(since C++20)

The class tzdb represents a copy of the IANA time zone database. Users cannot construct a tzdb and can only obtain read-only access to one via the free functions std::chrono::get_tzdb_list and std::chrono::get_tzdb.

Member objects

Member object Description
version A std::string that contains the version of the database
zones A sorted std::vector<std::chrono::time_zone> containing description of time zones
links A sorted std::vector<std::chrono::time_zone_link> containing description of alternative names of time zones (links)
leap_seconds A sorted std::vector<std::chrono::leap_second> containing description of leap seconds

Member functions

locate a time zone with the given name
(public member function)
return the local time zone
(public member function)

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