Defined in header <ios>
enum class io_errc {
    stream  = 1,
(since C++11)

The scoped enumeration std::io_errc defines the error codes reported by I/O streams in std::ios_base::failure exception objects. Only one error code (std::io_errc::stream) is required, although the implementation may define additional error codes. Because the appropriate specialization of std::is_error_code_enum is provided, values of type std::io_errc are implicitly convertible to std::error_code.

Member constants

Enumeration constant Value
stream 1

Non-member functions

constructs an iostream error code
constructs an iostream error code

Helper classes

extends the type trait std::is_error_code_enum to identify iostream error codes
(class template specialization)


#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
int main()
    std::ifstream f("doesn't exist");
    try {
    } catch (const std::ios_base::failure& e) {
        std::cout << "Caught an ios_base::failure.\n";
        if(e.code() == std::io_errc::stream)
            std::cout << "The error code is std::io_errc::stream\n";


Caught an ios_base::failure.
The error code is std::io_errc::stream

See also

holds a platform-dependent error code
holds a portable error code
stream exception
(public member class of std::ios_base)

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