Defined in header <locale>
explicit ctype( const mask* tbl = 0, bool del = false, std::size_t refs = 0);

Creates a std::ctype<char> facet and forwards the starting reference count refs to the base class constructor, locale::facet::facet().

If tbl is null, classic_table() is used by all classification member functions. Otherwise, tbl must be a pointer to the first element of an array of masks, at least std::ctype<char>::table_size in size, and that array is used by all of this facet's classification member functions.

If del is true, it is assumed that the array was allocated with new[], and the destructor of this facet will call delete[] tbl.


tbl - classification table to use or a null pointer
del - indicator whether the table needs to be deleted.
refs - starting reference count


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