Defined in header <complex>
template< class T > 
T abs( const complex<T>& z );

Returns the magnitude of the complex number z.


z - complex value

Return value

If no errors occur, returns the absolute value (also known as norm, modulus, or magnitude) of z.

Errors and special cases are handled as if the function is implemented as std::hypot(std::real(z), std::imag(z)).


#include <complex>
#include <iostream>
int main()
    std::complex<double> z(1, 1);
    std::cout << z << " cartesian is rho = " << std::abs(z)
              << " theta = " << std::arg(z) << " polar\n";


(1,1) cartesian is rho = 1.41421 theta = 0.785398 polar

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