Defined in header <typeinfo>
class type_info;

The class type_info holds implementation-specific information about a type, including the name of the type and means to compare two types for equality or collating order. This is the class returned by the typeid operator.

The type_info class is neither CopyConstructible nor CopyAssignable.

Member functions

has neither default nor copy constructors
(public member function)
the virtual destructor makes type_info a polymorphic class
(virtual public member function)
can not be copy-assigned
(public member function)
(removed in C++20)
checks whether the objects refer to the same type
(public member function)
checks whether the referred type precedes referred type of another type_info
object in the implementation defined order, i.e. orders the referred types
(public member function)
returns a value which is identical for the same types
(public member function)
implementation defined name of the type
(public member function)

See also

wrapper around a type_info object, that can be used as index in associative and unordered associative containers
typeid Queries information of a type, returning a std::type_info object representing the type
(built-in operator)

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