module Channel::SelectAction(S)

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def create_context_and_wait(shared_state)Source

def default_resultSource

Implementor that returns Channel::UseDefault in #execute must redefine #default_result

abstract def execute : DeliveryStateSource

abstract def lockSource

abstract def lock_object_idSource

abstract def result : SSource

abstract def unlockSource

def unwait(context : SelectContext(S))Source

def unwait(context : SelectContext)Source

idem wait_result/wait_result_impl

abstract def unwait_impl(context : SelectContext(S))Source

abstract def wait(context : SelectContext(S))Source

def wait_result(context : SelectContext(S))Source

def wait_result(context : SelectContext)Source

wait_result overload allow implementors to define wait_result_impl with the right type and Channel.select_impl to allow dispatching over unions that will not happen

abstract def wait_result_impl(context : SelectContext(S))Source

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