struct Colorize::Object(T)

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.new(object : T)Source

Instance Method Detail

def back(color : Symbol)Source

def back(back : Color)Source

def blackSource

def blinkSource

def blueSource

def boldSource

def brightSource

def cyanSource

def dark_graySource

def defaultSource

def dimSource

def fore(color : Symbol)Source

def fore(fore : Color)Source

def greenSource

def hiddenSource

def inspect(io : IO) : NilSource

Description copied from struct Struct

Appends this struct's name and instance variables names and values to the given IO.

struct Point
  def initialize(@x : Int32, @y : Int32)

p1 = Point.new 1, 2
p1.to_s    # "Point(@x=1, @y=2)"
p1.inspect # "Point(@x=1, @y=2)"

def light_blueSource

def light_cyanSource

def light_graySource

def light_greenSource

def light_magentaSource

def light_redSource

def light_yellowSource

def magentaSource

def mode(mode : Symbol)Source

def on(color : Symbol)Source

def on_blackSource

def on_blueSource

def on_cyanSource

def on_dark_graySource

def on_defaultSource

def on_greenSource

def on_light_blueSource

def on_light_cyanSource

def on_light_graySource

def on_light_greenSource

def on_light_magentaSource

def on_light_redSource

def on_light_yellowSource

def on_magentaSource

def on_redSource

def on_whiteSource

def on_yellowSource

def redSource

def reverseSource

def surround(io = STDOUT, &)Source

def to_s(io : IO) : NilSource

Description copied from struct Struct

Same as #inspect(io).

def toggle(flag)Source

def underlineSource

def whiteSource

def yellowSource

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