abstract class Digest::Base

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def digest : BytesSource

Dups and finishes the digest.

DEPRECATED Use #final instead.

abstract def digest_size : Int32Source

Returns the digest output size in bytes.

def final(dst : Bytes) : BytesSource

def final : BytesSource

Returns the final digest output.

This method can only be called once and raises FinalizedError on subsequent calls.

NOTE .dup.final call may be used to get an intermediate hash value.

abstract def final_impl(dst : Bytes) : NilSource

Stores the output digest of #digest_size bytes in dst.

def hexdigest : StringSource

Returns a hexadecimal-encoded digest.

DEPRECATED Use final.hexstring instead.

def reset : selfSource

abstract def reset_impl : NilSource

Resets the object to it's initial state.

def update(data : Bytes) : selfSource

def update(data) : selfSource

abstract def update_impl(data : Bytes) : NilSource

Hashes data incrementally.

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