class JSON::PullParser


This class allows you to consume JSON on demand, token by token.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.new(input)Source

Instance Method Detail

def bool_value : BoolSource

def column_numberSource

def float_value : Float64Source

def int_value : Int64Source

def kind : KindSource

def line_numberSource

def location : {Int32, Int32}Source

def max_nesting : Int32Source

def max_nesting=(max_nesting)Source

def on_key(key, &)Source

def on_key!(key, &)Source

def raw_value : StringSource

def read?(klass : Int8.class)Source

def read?(klass : Int16.class)Source

def read?(klass : Int32.class)Source

def read?(klass : Int64.class)Source

def read?(klass : UInt8.class)Source

def read?(klass : UInt16.class)Source

def read?(klass : UInt32.class)Source

def read?(klass : UInt64.class)Source

UInt64 is a special case due to exceeding bounds of @int_value

def read?(klass : Float32.class)Source

def read?(klass : Float64.class)Source

def read?(klass : String.class)Source

def read?(klass : Bool.class)Source

def read_array(&)Source

def read_array_or_null(&)Source

def read_begin_arraySource

def read_begin_objectSource

def read_boolSource

def read_bool_or_nullSource

def read_end_arraySource

def read_end_objectSource

def read_floatSource

def read_float_or_nullSource

def read_intSource

def read_int_or_nullSource

def read_nextSource

def read_nullSource

def read_null_or(&)Source

def read_object(&)Source

def read_object_keySource

def read_object_or_null(&)Source

def read_rawSource

def read_raw(json)Source

def read_stringSource

def read_string_or_nullSource

def skipSource

def string_value : StringSource

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