struct Log::Emitter


Helper DSL module for emitting log entries with data.

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def emit(message : String, data : Metadata | Hash | NamedTuple) : EntrySource

def emit(message : String, **kwargs) : EntrySource

Emits a logs entry with a message, and data attached to

Log.info &.emit("Program started")                          # No data, same as Log.info { "Program started" }
Log.info &.emit("User logged in", user_id: 42)              # With entry data
Log.info &.emit(action: "Logged in", user_id: 42)           # Empty string message, only data
Log.error exception: ex, &.emit("Oopps", account: {id: 42}) # With data and exception

def emit(data : Metadata | Hash | NamedTuple) : EntrySource

def emit(**kwargs) : EntrySource

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