class OpenSSL::HMAC


Allows computing Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC).

It is a type of message authentication code (MAC) involving a hash function in combination with a key.

HMAC can be used to verify the integrity of a message as well as the authenticity.

See also RFC2104.

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def self.digest(algorithm : OpenSSL::Algorithm, key, data) : BytesSource

Returns the HMAC digest of data using the secret key.

It may contain non-ASCII bytes, including NUL bytes.

algorithm specifies which OpenSSL::Algorithm is to be used.

def self.hexdigest(algorithm : OpenSSL::Algorithm, key, data) : StringSource

Returns the HMAC digest of data using the secret key, formatted as a hexadecimal string. This is necessary to safely transfer the digest where binary messages are not allowed.

See also #digest.

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