module Time::Format::YAML_DATE


Even though the standard library has Time parsers given a fixed format, the format in YAML, http://yaml.org/type/timestamp.html, can consist of just the date part, and following it any number of spaces, or 't', or 'T' can follow, with many optional components. So, we implement this in a more efficient way to avoid parsing the same string with many possible formats (there's also no way to specify any number of spaces with Time::Format, or an "or" like in a Regex).

As an additional note, Ruby's Psych YAML parser also implements a custom time parser, probably for this same reason.

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Class Method Summary

Class Method Detail

def self.format(time : Time, io : IO)Source

Formats a Time into the given io.

def self.format(time : Time)Source

Formats a Time into a String.

def self.parse?(string) : Time?Source

Parses a string into a Time.

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