The text-emphasis-style CSS property sets the appearance of emphasis marks. It can also be set, and reset, using the text-emphasis shorthand.

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/* Initial value */
text-emphasis-style: none; /* No emphasis marks */

/* <string> values */
text-emphasis-style: "x";
text-emphasis-style: "点";
text-emphasis-style: "\25B2";
text-emphasis-style: "*";
text-emphasis-style: "foo"; /* Should NOT be used. It may be computed to or rendered as 'f' only */

/* Keyword values */
text-emphasis-style: filled;
text-emphasis-style: open;
text-emphasis-style: dot;
text-emphasis-style: circle;
text-emphasis-style: double-circle;
text-emphasis-style: triangle;
text-emphasis-style: filled sesame;
text-emphasis-style: open sesame;

/* Global values */
text-emphasis-style: inherit;
text-emphasis-style: initial;
text-emphasis-style: revert;
text-emphasis-style: revert-layer;
text-emphasis-style: unset;



No emphasis marks.


The shape is filled with solid color. If neither filled nor open is present, this is the default.


The shape is hollow.


Display small circles as marks. The filled dot is '•' (U+2022), and the open dot is '◦' (U+25E6).


Display large circles as marks. The filled circle is '●' (U+25CF), and the open circle is '○' (U+25CB).


Display double circles as marks. The filled double-circle is '◉' (U+25C9), and the open double-circle is '◎' (U+25CE).


Display triangles as marks. The filled triangle is '▲' (U+25B2), and the open triangle is '△' (U+25B3).


Display sesames as marks. The filled sesame is '﹅' (U+FE45), and the open sesame is '﹆' (U+FE46).


Display the given string as marks. Authors should not specify more than one character in <string>. The UA may truncate or ignore strings consisting of more than one grapheme cluster.

Formal definition

Initial value none
Applies to all elements
Inherited no
Computed value as specified
Animation type discrete

Formal syntax

text-emphasis-style = 
none |
[ [ filled | open ] || [ dot | circle | double-circle | triangle | sesame ] ] |


Basic example

h2 {
  -webkit-text-emphasis-style: sesame;
  text-emphasis-style: sesame;


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
text-emphasis-style 9925 9979 46 No 15 77 4.4 9925 46 14 77 18.01.5

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