Set a browser cookie.


cy.setCookie(name, value)
cy.setCookie(name, value, options)


Correct Usage

cy.setCookie('auth_key', '123key') // Set the 'auth_key' cookie to '123key'


name (String)

The name of the cookie to set.

value (String)

The value of the cookie to set.

options (Object)

Pass in an options object to change the default behavior of cy.setCookie().

Option Default Description
log true Displays the command in the Command log
domain window.location.hostname The domain the cookie is visible to
expiry 20 years into the future When the cookie expires, specified in seconds since Unix Epoch.
httpOnly false Whether the cookie is an HTTP only cookie
path / The cookie path
secure false Whether the cookie is a secure cookie
timeout responseTimeout Time to wait for cy.setCookie() to resolve before timing out
sameSite undefined Cookie’s SameSite value. If set, should be one of lax, strict, or no_restriction. Pass undefined to use the browser’s default. Note: no_restriction can only be used if the secure flag is set to true.


cy.setCookie() yields a cookie object with the following properties:

  • domain
  • expiry (if specified)
  • httpOnly
  • name
  • path
  • sameSite (if specified)
  • secure
  • value


Name Value

Set a cookie

cy.setCookie('session_id', '189jd09sufh33aaiidhf99d09')
cy.getCookie('session_id').should('have.property', 'value', '189jd09sufh33aaiidhf99d09')



  • cy.setCookie() requires being chained off of cy.


  • cy.setCookie() will only run assertions you've chained once, and will not retry.


  • cy.setCookie() should never time out.

Because cy.setCookie() is asynchronous it is technically possible for there to be a timeout while talking to the internal Cypress automation APIs. But for practical purposes it should never happen.

Command Log

cy.setCookie('fakeCookie1', '123ABC')
cy.getCookie('fakeCookie1').should('have.property', 'value', '123ABC')

The commands above will display in the Command Log as:

Command Log setcookie

When clicking on setCookie within the command log, the console outputs the following:

Console Log setcookie


Version Changes
5.0.0 Removed experimentalGetCookiesSameSite and made sameSite property always available.
4.3.0 Added sameSite property when the experimentalGetCookiesSameSite configuration value is true.
0.16.0 cy.setCookie() command added

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