Deprecated, use dojo/promise/all instead. Provides event handling for a group of Deferred objects.

DeferredList takes an array of existing deferreds and returns a new deferred of its own this new deferred will typically have its callback fired when all of the deferreds in the given list have fired their own deferreds. The parameters fireOnOneCallback and fireOnOneErrback, will fire before all the deferreds as appropriate

Parameter Type Description
list Array

The list of deferreds to be synchronizied with this DeferredList

fireOnOneCallback Boolean

Will cause the DeferredLists callback to be fired as soon as any of the deferreds in its list have been fired instead of waiting until the entire list has finished

fireOnOneErrback Boolean
consumeErrors Boolean
canceller Function

A deferred canceller function, see dojo.Deferred

See the dojo/DeferredList reference documentation for more information.



Defined by dojo/DeferredList

Gathers the results of the deferreds for packaging as the parameters to the Deferred Lists' callback

Parameter Type Description
deferredList dojo/DeferredList

The deferred list from which this function gathers results.

Returns: dojo/DeferredList | instance

The newly created deferred list which packs results as parameters to its callback.

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