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CSSPropertyRule: inherits property

The read-only inherits property of the CSSPropertyRule interface returns the inherit flag of the custom property registration represented by the @property rule, a boolean describing whether or not the property inherits by default.


A boolean.


This stylesheet contains a single @property rule. The first CSSRule returned will be a CSSPropertyRule representing this rule. The inherits property returns the boolean false, this being the value of the inherits property in the CSS.


@property --property-name {
  syntax: "<color>";
  inherits: false;
  initial-value: #c0ffee;


let myRules = document.styleSheets[0].cssRules;
console.log(myRules[0].inherits); //returns false


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
inherits 85 85 preview No 71 16.4 85 85 No 60 16.4 14.0

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