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Element: ariaRowCount property

The ariaRowCount property of the Element interface reflects the value of the aria-rowcount attribute, which defines the total number of rows in a table, grid, or treegrid.


A string which contains an integer.


In this example the aria-rowcount attribute on the element with an ID of semantic-table is set to "100", representing the total number of rows in the table, rather than the currently visible rows. Using ariaRowCount we update the value to "101".

  aria-label="Semantic Elements"
  <caption id="semantic_elements_table_desc">
    Semantic Elements to use instead of ARIA's roles
  <thead role="rowgroup">
    <tr role="row">
      <th role="columnheader" aria-sort="none" aria-rowindex="1">ARIA Role</th>
      <th role="columnheader" aria-sort="none" aria-rowindex="1">
        Semantic Element
  <tbody role="rowgroup">
    <tr role="row">
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="11">header</td>
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="11">h1</td>
    <tr role="row">
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="16">header</td>
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="16">h6</td>
    <tr role="row">
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="18">rowgroup</td>
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="18">thead</td>
    <tr role="row">
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="24">term</td>
      <td role="cell" aria-rowindex="24">dt</td>
let el = document.getElementById("semantic-table");
console.log(el.ariaRowCount); // 100
el.ariaRowCount = "101";
console.log(el.ariaRowCount); // 101


Browser compatibility

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