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Element: removeAttributeNode() method

The removeAttributeNode() method of the Element interface removes the specified attribute from the element.





The attribute node to remove from the element.

Return value

The attribute node that was removed.


NotFoundError DOMException

Thrown when the element's attribute list does not contain the attribute node.


// Given: <div id="top" align="center" />
const d = document.getElementById("top");
const d_align = d.getAttributeNode("align");
// align is now removed: <div id="top" />


If the removed attribute has a default value, it is immediately replaced. The replacing attribute has the same namespace URI and local name, as well as the original prefix, when applicable.

There is no removeAttributeNodeNS method; the removeAttributeNode method can remove both namespaced attributes and non-namespaced attributes.

DOM methods dealing with element's attributes:

Not namespace-aware, most commonly used methods Namespace-aware variants (DOM Level 2) DOM Level 1 methods for dealing with Attr nodes directly (seldom used) DOM Level 2 namespace-aware methods for dealing with Attr nodes directly (seldom used)
setAttribute (DOM 1) setAttributeNS setAttributeNode setAttributeNodeNS
getAttribute (DOM 1) getAttributeNS getAttributeNode getAttributeNodeNS
hasAttribute (DOM 2) hasAttributeNS - -
removeAttribute (DOM 1) removeAttributeNS removeAttributeNode -


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
removeAttributeNode 1 12 1 6 ≤12.1 1 4.4 18 4 ≤12.1 1 1.0

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