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PerformanceMark is an interface for PerformanceEntry objects with an entryType of "mark".

Entries of this type are typically created by calling performance.mark() to add a named DOMHighResTimeStamp (the mark) to the browser's performance timeline. To create a performance mark that isn't added to the browser's performance timeline, use the constructor.

PerformanceEntry PerformanceMark

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers



Creates a new PerformanceMark object that isn't added to the browser's performance timeline.

Instance properties

This interface extends the following PerformanceEntry properties by qualifying/constraining the properties as follows:

PerformanceEntry.entryType Read only

Returns "mark".

PerformanceEntry.name Read only

Returns the name given to the mark when it was created via a call to performance.mark().

PerformanceEntry.startTime Read only

Returns the DOMHighResTimeStamp when performance.mark() was called.

PerformanceEntry.duration Read only

Returns "0". (A mark has no duration.)

This interface also supports the following properties:

PerformanceMark.detail Read only

Returns arbitrary metadata that has been included in the mark upon construction.

Instance methods

This interface has no methods.


See the example in Using the User Timing API.


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
PerformanceMark 76 79 101 No 63 14.1 79 76 101 54 14.5 12.0
PerformanceMark 28 12 38 10 15 11 4.4 28 38 14 11 1.5
detail 78 79 101 No 65 14.1 79 78 101 56 14.5 12.0

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