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The RTCStatsType enumerated type (enum) is a set of strings which define the type of statistics reported in a record found in the RTCStatsReport object.

This type determines which of the RTCStats-based dictionaries the record is based upon.



An RTCIceCandidatePairStats object providing statistics related to an RTCIceTransport. Candidate pairs other than the currently active pair for the transport are deleted when the RTCPeerConnection changes its RTCPeerConnection.iceGatheringState to new during an ICE restart. The active candidate pair is deleted after the transport switches to another candidate pair; this change cannot be detected otherwise.


An RTCCertificateStats object providing statistics related to a certificate being used by an RTCIceTransport.


An RTCCodecStats object containing statistics about a codec currently being used by RTP streams to send or receive data for the RTCPeerConnection.


An RTCContributingSourceStats object which contains statistics related to a contributing source (CSRC) that contributed to an inbound RTP stream.


An RTCDataChannelStats object which contains statistics about each RTCDataChannel on the connection.


An RTCInboundRtpStreamStats object providing statistics about inbound data being received from remote peers. Since this only provides statistics related to inbound data, without considering the local peer's state, any values that require knowledge of both, such as round-trip time, is not included. This report isn't available if there are no connected peers.


An RTCIceCandidateStats object giving statistics about an ICE local candidate; these candidates are found in the output from RTCIceTransport.getLocalCandidates().


The report is an RTCOutboundRtpStreamStats object providing statistics based on the local peer's outgoing data being sent to its peers. This information considers only the outbound RTP stream, so any data which requires information about the state of the remote peers (such as round-trip time) is unavailable, since those values can't be computed without knowing about the other peers' states.


A RTCPeerConnectionStats object provides statistics related to the overall peer connection's RTCPeerConnection.


Provides statistics about a specific RTCRtpReceiver. The statistics object is an RTCAudioReceiverStats object if kind is audio; if kind is video, the object is an RTCVideoReceiverStats object.


The report is an RTCIceCandidateStats object containing statistics about the remote candidate's RTCIceTransport. This may include information such as the type of network, the protocol, the URL, the type of relay being used, and so forth.


The report is an RTCRemoteInboundRtpStreamStats object providing statistics about your outbound RTP data stream, but from the perspective of the remote peer. That is, this information is about your outbound-rtp stream, but as seen by the remote device that's handling the stream. You can use this information to do things like determine how well the remote peer is receiving data.


The report is an RTCRemoteOutboundRtpStreamStats object that contains statistics about your inbound RTP (inbound-rtp) stream, but from the perspective of the remote peer.


An object containing statistics about the RTCRtpSender for a stream on the RTCPeerConnection. If kind is "audio", this object is of type RTCAudioSenderStats; if kind is "video", this is an RTCVideoSenderStats object.


An object of type RTCMediaStreamStats, providing statistics and information about a MediaStream which is part of the RTCPeerConnection.


The object is one of the types based on RTCMediaHandlerStats: for audio tracks, the type is RTCSenderAudioTrackAttachmentStats and for video tracks, the type is RTCSenderVideoTrackAttachmentStats. The data within provides statistics related to a particular MediaStreamTrack's attachment to an RTCRtpSender; also included are the media level metrics that go along with the track.


An object that contains statistics related to a transport for an RTCPeerConnection. The object is of type RTCTransportStats.


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