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The WebRTC statistics model's RTCRemoteOutboundRtpStreamStats dictionary extends the underlying RTCSentRtpStreamStats dictionary with properties measuring metrics specific to outgoing RTP streams.

Instance properties

In addition to the properties defined by RTCSentRtpStreamStats and its underlying RTCRtpStreamStats and RTCStats dictionaries, RTCRemoteOutboundRtpStreamStats defines the following properties.


A string which is used to find the local RTCInboundRtpStreamStats object which shares the same Synchronization Source (SSRC).


A DOMHighResTimeStamp specifying the timestamp (on the remote device) at which the statistics in the RTCRemoteOutboundRtpStreamStats object were sent by the remote endpoint. This is different from the timestamp found in the base RTCStats dictionary; it represents the time at which the object's statistics were received or generated by the local endpoint.

Usage notes

The RTCRemoteOutboundRtpStreamStats object's remoteTimestamp property provides statistics based on the received data's NTP timestamp taken from an RTCP Sender Report (SR) block. Be aware that the remote clock may not be synchronized with the local clock (either in current time or speed at which time elapses).


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
RTCRemoteOutboundRtpStreamStats No No 68 No No No No No 68 No No No
localId No No 68 No No No No No 68 No No No
remoteTimestamp No No 79 No No No No No 79 No No No

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