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XRProjectionLayer: textureWidth property

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

The read-only textureWidth property of the XRProjectionLayer interface indicates the width in pixels of the color textures of this layer.

The projection layer's texture width is determined by the user agent or the device. It is reported in the XRSubImage, which can only be accessed inside the frame loop. If you want to manage your own depth buffers and don't want to wait for first frame after layer creation to determine the required dimensions for those buffers, the textureWidth property allows access to layer texture width outside the frame loop. Allocation of these buffers can happen directly after layer creation.


A number indicating the width in pixels.


Using textureWidth

The textureWidth of a layer is useful when creating render buffers for a layer. See also WebGL2RenderingContext.renderbufferStorageMultisample().

let glLayer = xrGLBinding.createProjectionLayer();

let color_rb = gl.createRenderbuffer();
gl.bindRenderbuffer(gl.RENDERBUFFER, color_rb);
gl.renderbufferStorageMultisample(gl.RENDERBUFFER, samples, gl.RGBA8,
                                  glLayer.textureWidth, glLayer.textureHeight);


Browser compatibility

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textureWidth No No No No No No No No No No No No

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