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The removetrack event is used by the following APIs.

Sent to a track list of an HTML <audio> or <video> element when a track is removed from the element's media. The event is sent to the track list corresponding to the type of track being removed from the media: HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks, videoTracks, or textTracks.
Media Capture and Streams
Sent to a MediaStream when a MediaStreamTrack is removed from it.

General info

HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'removetrack' in that specification.
Media Capture and Streams
The definition of 'removetrack' in that specification.
TrackEvent (HTML DOM)
MediaStreamTrackEvent (Media Capture and Streams)
AudioTrackList (HTML DOM)
MediaStream (Media Capture and Streams)
Default Action


This event implements the properties of TrackEvent (HTML DOM) or MediaStreamTrackEvent (Media Capture and Streams).


This event implements the methods of TrackEvent (HTML DOM) or MediaStreamTrackEvent (Media Capture and Streams).

Usage notes

HTML DOM (Media elements)

The removetrack event is delivered to an AudioTrackList, VideoTrackList, or TextTrackList element when a MediaStreamTrack of the corresponding type is removed from the media element whose tracks the track list object represents.

You can detect when tracks are removed from a media element by either setting the track's onremovetrack event handler directly, or by using AudioTrackList.addEventListener() on the track list object. For example, to watch for audio tracks to be removed from a video element:

var trackList = document.querySelector("video").audioTracks;

audioTracks.onremovetrack = function(evt) {
  myTrackCount = trackList.length;

This snippet of code sets up an event handler for removetrack that simply records the current number of audio tracks remaining in the media element every time one is removed.

Media Capture and Streams

A removetrack event is fired when the browser removes a track from a MediaStream (such as when an RTCPeerConnection is renegotiated or a stream being captured using HTMLMediaElement.captureStream() gets a new set of tracks because the media element being captured loaded a new source.

An event handler for this event can be added by setting the MediaStream.onremovetrack property, or by calling addEventListener() on the MediaStream which you want to monitor for track removals.


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