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class AjaxResponse

JSON response object for AJAX requests.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Ajax/AjaxResponse.php, line 15




Name Modifiers Type Description
AjaxResponse::$commands protected property The array of ajax commands.
AjaxResponse::addCommand public function Add an AJAX command to the response.
AjaxResponse::getCommands public function Gets all AJAX commands.
AttachmentsTrait::$attachments protected property The attachments for this response.
AttachmentsTrait::addAttachments public function Adds attachments. Overrides AttachmentsInterface::addAttachments
AttachmentsTrait::getAttachments public function Gets attachments. Overrides AttachmentsInterface::getAttachments
AttachmentsTrait::setAttachments public function Sets attachments. Overrides AttachmentsInterface::setAttachments
JsonResponse::$callback protected property
JsonResponse::$data protected property
JsonResponse::$encodingOptions protected property
JsonResponse::create public static function
JsonResponse::getEncodingOptions public function Returns options used while encoding data to JSON.
JsonResponse::setCallback public function Sets the JSONP callback.
JsonResponse::setData public function Sets the data to be sent as JSON.
JsonResponse::setEncodingOptions public function Sets options used while encoding data to JSON.
JsonResponse::update protected function Updates the content and headers according to the JSON data and callback.
JsonResponse::__construct public function Constructor.

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