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class HtmlCommand

AJAX command for calling the jQuery html() method.

The 'insert/html' command instructs the client to use jQuery's html() method to set the HTML content of each element matched by the given selector while leaving the outer tags intact.

This command is implemented by Drupal.AjaxCommands.prototype.insert() defined in misc/ajax.js.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Ajax/HtmlCommand.php, line 19




Name Modifiers Type Description
CommandWithAttachedAssetsTrait::$attachedAssets protected property The attached assets for this Ajax command.
CommandWithAttachedAssetsTrait::getAttachedAssets public function Gets the attached assets. Overrides CommandWithAttachedAssetsInterface::getAttachedAssets
CommandWithAttachedAssetsTrait::getRenderedContent protected function Processes the content for output.
HtmlCommand::render public function Implements Drupal\Core\Ajax\CommandInterface:render(). Overrides InsertCommand::render
InsertCommand::$content protected property The content for the matched element(s).
InsertCommand::$selector protected property A CSS selector string.
InsertCommand::$settings protected property A settings array to be passed to any attached JavaScript behavior.
InsertCommand::__construct public function Constructs an InsertCommand object.

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