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abstract class CacheCollector

Default implementation for CacheCollectorInterface.

By default, the class accounts for caches where calling functions might request keys that won't exist even after a cache rebuild. This prevents situations where a cache rebuild would be triggered over and over due to a 'missing' item. These cases are stored internally as a value of NULL. This means that the CacheCollector::get() method must be overridden if caching data where the values can legitimately be NULL, and where CacheCollector->has() needs to correctly return (equivalent to array_key_exists() vs. isset()). This should not be necessary in the majority of cases.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Cache/CacheCollector.php, line 24




Name Modifiers Type Description
CacheCollector::$cache protected property The cache backend that should be used.
CacheCollector::$cacheCreated protected property Stores the cache creation time.
CacheCollector::$cacheInvalidated protected property Flag that indicates of the cache has been invalidated.
CacheCollector::$cacheLoaded protected property Indicates if the collected cache was already loaded.
CacheCollector::$cid protected property The cache id that is used for the cache entry.
CacheCollector::$keysToPersist protected property An array of keys to add to the cache on service termination.
CacheCollector::$keysToRemove protected property An array of keys to remove from the cache on service termination.
CacheCollector::$lock protected property The lock backend that should be used.
CacheCollector::$storage protected property Storage for the data itself.
CacheCollector::$tags protected property A list of tags that are used for the cache entry.
CacheCollector::clear public function Clears the collected cache entry. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::clear
CacheCollector::delete public function Deletes the element. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::delete
CacheCollector::destruct public function Performs destruct operations. Overrides DestructableInterface::destruct
CacheCollector::get public function Gets value from the cache. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::get
CacheCollector::getCid protected function Gets the cache ID.
CacheCollector::has public function Returns whether data exists for this key. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::has
CacheCollector::invalidateCache protected function Invalidate the cache.
CacheCollector::lazyLoadCache protected function Loads the cache if not already done.
CacheCollector::normalizeLockName protected function Normalizes a cache ID in order to comply with database limitations.
CacheCollector::persist protected function Flags an offset value to be written to the persistent cache.
CacheCollector::reset public function Resets the local cache. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::reset
CacheCollector::resolveCacheMiss abstract protected function Resolves a cache miss.
CacheCollector::set public function Implements \Drupal\Core\Cache\CacheCollectorInterface::set(). Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::set
CacheCollector::updateCache protected function Writes a value to the persistent cache immediately.
CacheCollector::__construct public function Constructs a CacheCollector object.

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