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class DbCommandBase

Base command that abstracts handling of database connection arguments.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Command/DbCommandBase.php, line 13




Name Modifiers Type Description
Command::$aliases private property
Command::$application private property
Command::$applicationDefinitionMerged private property
Command::$applicationDefinitionMergedWithArgs private property
Command::$code private property
Command::$definition private property
Command::$description private property
Command::$help private property
Command::$helperSet private property
Command::$ignoreValidationErrors private property
Command::$name private property
Command::$processTitle private property
Command::$synopsis private property
Command::$usages private property
Command::addArgument public function Adds an argument.
Command::addOption public function Adds an option.
Command::addUsage public function Add a command usage example.
Command::asText Deprecated public function Returns a text representation of the command.
Command::asXml Deprecated public function Returns an XML representation of the command.
Command::execute protected function Executes the current command.
Command::getAliases public function Returns the aliases for the command.
Command::getApplication public function Gets the application instance for this command.
Command::getDefinition public function Gets the InputDefinition attached to this Command.
Command::getDescription public function Returns the description for the command.
Command::getHelp public function Returns the help for the command.
Command::getHelper public function Gets a helper instance by name.
Command::getHelperSet public function Gets the helper set.
Command::getName public function Returns the command name.
Command::getNativeDefinition public function Gets the InputDefinition to be used to create XML and Text representations of this Command.
Command::getProcessedHelp public function Returns the processed help for the command replacing the %command.name% and %command.full_name% patterns with the real values dynamically.
Command::getSynopsis public function Returns the synopsis for the command.
Command::getUsages public function Returns alternative usages of the command.
Command::ignoreValidationErrors public function Ignores validation errors.
Command::initialize protected function Initializes the command just after the input has been validated.
Command::interact protected function Interacts with the user.
Command::isEnabled public function Checks whether the command is enabled or not in the current environment.
Command::mergeApplicationDefinition public function Merges the application definition with the command definition.
Command::run public function Runs the command.
Command::setAliases public function Sets the aliases for the command.
Command::setApplication public function Sets the application instance for this command.
Command::setCode public function Sets the code to execute when running this command.
Command::setDefinition public function Sets an array of argument and option instances.
Command::setDescription public function Sets the description for the command.
Command::setHelp public function Sets the help for the command.
Command::setHelperSet public function Sets the helper set.
Command::setName public function Sets the name of the command.
Command::setProcessTitle public function Sets the process title of the command.
Command::validateName private function Validates a command name.
Command::__construct public function Constructor.
DbCommandBase::configure protected function Configures the current command. Overrides Command::configure
DbCommandBase::getDatabaseConnection protected function Parse input options decide on a database.

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