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interface ConfigFactoryInterface

Defines the interface for a configuration object factory.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/ConfigFactoryInterface.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
ConfigFactoryInterface::addOverride public function Adds config factory override services.
ConfigFactoryInterface::clearStaticCache public function Clears the config factory static cache.
ConfigFactoryInterface::get public function Returns an immutable configuration object for a given name.
ConfigFactoryInterface::getCacheKeys public function The cache keys associated with the state of the config factory.
ConfigFactoryInterface::getEditable public function Returns an mutable configuration object for a given name.
ConfigFactoryInterface::listAll public function Gets configuration object names starting with a given prefix.
ConfigFactoryInterface::loadMultiple public function Returns a list of configuration objects for the given names.
ConfigFactoryInterface::rename public function Renames a configuration object using the storage.
ConfigFactoryInterface::reset public function Resets and re-initializes configuration objects. Internal use only.

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