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interface ConfigManagerInterface

Provides an interface for configuration manager.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/ConfigManagerInterface.php, line 8




Name Modifiers Type Description
ConfigManagerInterface::createSnapshot public function Creates a configuration snapshot following a successful import.
ConfigManagerInterface::diff public function Creates a Diff object using the config data from the two storages.
ConfigManagerInterface::findConfigEntityDependents public function Finds config entities that are dependent on extensions or entities.
ConfigManagerInterface::findConfigEntityDependentsAsEntities public function Finds config entities that are dependent on extensions or entities.
ConfigManagerInterface::findMissingContentDependencies public function Finds missing content dependencies declared in configuration entities.
ConfigManagerInterface::getConfigCollectionInfo public function Gets available collection information using the event system.
ConfigManagerInterface::getConfigDependencyManager public function Creates and populates a ConfigDependencyManager object.
ConfigManagerInterface::getConfigEntitiesToChangeOnDependencyRemoval public function Lists which config entities to update and delete on removal of a dependency.
ConfigManagerInterface::getConfigFactory public function Gets the config factory.
ConfigManagerInterface::getEntityManager public function Gets the entity manager.
ConfigManagerInterface::getEntityTypeIdByName public function Returns the entity type of a configuration object.
ConfigManagerInterface::loadConfigEntityByName public function Loads a configuration entity using the configuration name.
ConfigManagerInterface::uninstall public function Uninstalls the configuration of a given extension.

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