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protected function ExtensionInstallStorage::getAllFolders

protected ExtensionInstallStorage::getAllFolders()

Returns a map of all config object names and their folders.

The list is based on enabled modules and themes. The active configuration storage is used rather than \Drupal\Core\Extension\ModuleHandler and \Drupal\Core\Extension\ThemeHandler in order to resolve circular dependencies between these services and \Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigInstaller and \Drupal\Core\Config\TypedConfigManager.

Return value

array An array mapping config object names with directories.

Overrides InstallStorage::getAllFolders


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/ExtensionInstallStorage.php, line 76


Storage to access configuration and schema in enabled extensions.




protected function getAllFolders() {
  if (!isset($this->folders)) {
    $this->folders = array();
    $this->folders += $this->getCoreNames();

    $install_profile = Settings::get('install_profile');
    $profile = drupal_get_profile();
    $extensions = $this->configStorage->read('core.extension');
    // @todo Remove this scan as part of https://www.drupal.org/node/2186491
    $listing = new ExtensionDiscovery(\Drupal::root());
    if (!empty($extensions['module'])) {
      $modules = $extensions['module'];
      // Remove the install profile as this is handled later.
      $profile_list = $listing->scan('profile');
      if ($profile && isset($profile_list[$profile])) {
        // Prime the drupal_get_filename() static cache with the profile info
        // file location so we can use drupal_get_path() on the active profile
        // during the module scan.
        // @todo Remove as part of https://www.drupal.org/node/2186491
        drupal_get_filename('profile', $profile, $profile_list[$profile]->getPathname());
      $module_list_scan = $listing->scan('module');
      $module_list = array();
      foreach (array_keys($modules) as $module) {
        if (isset($module_list_scan[$module])) {
          $module_list[$module] = $module_list_scan[$module];
      $this->folders += $this->getComponentNames($module_list);
    if (!empty($extensions['theme'])) {
      $theme_list_scan = $listing->scan('theme');
      foreach (array_keys($extensions['theme']) as $theme) {
        if (isset($theme_list_scan[$theme])) {
          $theme_list[$theme] = $theme_list_scan[$theme];
      $this->folders += $this->getComponentNames($theme_list);

    if ($this->includeProfile) {
      // The install profile can override module default configuration. We do
      // this by replacing the config file path from the module/theme with the
      // install profile version if there are any duplicates.
      if (isset($profile)) {
        if (!isset($profile_list)) {
          $profile_list = $listing->scan('profile');
        if (isset($profile_list[$profile])) {
          $profile_folders = $this->getComponentNames(array($profile_list[$profile]));
          $this->folders = $profile_folders + $this->folders;
  return $this->folders;

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